Employment & Careers

Healthcare Research Associates Medical Division is a proud and equal opportunity employer. Our staff is diverse, well-educated and committed to establishing the industry standards for information on the healthcare sector. From research, development and statistical modeling to trend extrapolation and keeping current with compliance essentials, our employees possess the expertise and drive to ensure that our information is current and useful to your organization.

We welcome the contribution of each employee. We believe that consensus in decision-making and providing a unique and exciting environment benefits both our customers and our organization. Welcome to the team!

Management Profiles

Our Medical Division is constantly recruiting experts in the healthcare area. We look for talented, educated and team-oriented professionals in the fields of medicine, statistics, engineering, administration and law. Since our inception, our organization has relied upon professionals in these and other fields to guide our research and development, and isolate those factors most relevant for the healthcare sector and for our individual customers. We most certainly welcome applications and resumes from qualified healthcare experts and believe that our compensation is very competitive, our environment superior and our workload allocation equitable.

Staff Profiles

Healthcare Reseach Associates relies equally upon a highly trained staff of Contact Center Representatives (CCRs) and Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). Both profiles require a university education, a commitment to excellence, an ability to work well individually or in teams and ability to conduct and summarize extensive market analysis. The main functions of CCRs and CSRs can be summarized as follows:

* Data acquisition via internet, phone, direct marketing & academic research
* Collation and comparison of data
* Coordination of data conclusions and transfer to senior personnel
* Extensive interaction with customers, client records, product shipments and data transfers
* Compiling and sorting information on conventions, compliance, research and technology
* Maintaining elaborate reporting system to ensure Medical Division products are current

Anyone interested in forwarding an application or resume to Healthcare Research Associates Medical Division may do so at their convenience. Please forward directly to: